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Coburn Forest Products, LLC in Winton, NC, was started in 2007.  With 41 years of timber buying experience, Ronald Coburn has dedicated his life and company to providing landowners with the highest quality harvesting jobs and competitive market prices for timber.


All loggers for Coburn Forest Products are NCFA Pro-Logger trained and certified, or SHARP logger certified. 


Covering central and southern Virginia all the way to northeastern and central North Carolina, CFP's timber-buying radius is roughly 100 miles.


Like many family businesses, Ronald is joined by his son, Mark, his daughter-in-law Elise, long time family friend Mike Pollard, and Amy Mejia.


Left to right:  Mark Coburn, Mike Pollard, and Ronald Coburn


In loving memory of

Elaine D. Coburn

1948 - 2016

Left to right: Elise Coburn, Amy Mejia

Coburn Forest Products, LLC

P.O. Box 482 Winton, NC 27986



Ronald Coburn:    252-332-9125

Mark Coburn:       252-702-9445

Mike Pollard:       252-883-6115

Fax:                   252-358-4781



Ronald Coburn: 

Mark Coburn: 

Mike Pollard:

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